Ranking and Scores

Scores of University Overall

Society NameNumber of MembersPoints
UFH(East London)583758.3
NWU (Potchestroom)573956.3
Univ of Limpopo545052.5
UFH (Alice)543754.3
NWU (Vanderbijlpark)259825.9
WSU (Butterworth)193318.3
CPUT (Bellville)191319.1
WSU (Queenstown)168316.8
CPUT (Cape Town)9939.9
CUT (Welkom)9199.1
TUT (Soshanguve)8868.8
WSU (Mthatha)7945.9
UJ (Soweto)7927.9
NWU (Mafikeng)7667.6
CUT (Bloem)6706.7
CPUT (Mowbray)6696.6
VUT (Vanderbijlpark)6406.4
UKZN (Westville)6976.9
TUT (Main)5895.8
CPUT (Willington)5795.7
TUT (Polokwane)5785.7
DUT (Biko)5775.7
UJ (Kingsway)3963.9
CPUT (Athlone)2502.5
UKZN (Edgewood)1031.0
TOTAL: 54 565 Members

Scores of University Societies Top Students

Society NamePitch IdeaScore
Rhodes UniversityA central sensor system for all lab equipment to keep you informed what temp, CO2 and O2 and other parameters are. Can check on a mobile or web-based application.
University of Cape TownJonga uses sensors to detect intruders in a home and alerts its users to the breach by SMS. The users can then alert neighbours and the police. It costs R800 to install.
Rhodes UniversityProposed a problem with delivery of goods bought online to residences. He was going to offer a service where he owns a P.O. Box and lets people use it for a small fee. People liaise directly with him for delivery or collection of their goods.
CUTWebsite - It's always a struggle to open a business, most of the time you do not have a clue or even an idea on where to start. Now take this app that automatically generates a cooking recipe based on the ingredients you have, in theory we could incorporate it into this online website. It could automatically generate a "business recipe" based on the "ingredients" you have. The customer would enter in their details, such as, savings/funding/capital, the area you are planning on opening up the business, your target market/potential customers, and we can give you a list of suggestions of business ideas as well as supply chain strategies, if possible, in order to help you manage risks and reduce costs. All we do is the research for you. As a member you could also get notifications and updates on what's trending in that area and so on. It could even grow to become a consulting agency for start-up companies in the future.
TUT SoshanguveOnline (telephonically) university registration system. If have a large number of people who have no access to internet, so this center will assist those students with applying to any university using a toll free.
TUT SoshanguveUniversity Accommodation website and mobile application. This system will show students percentage availability of accommodations on campus and off campus. This system can also be used to search back rooms, houses and flats for rent it covers all areas. But if you select the student mode then it will search for accommodation in the campus surrounding areas. People can rent out one room inside their house on the student will pay online. The company will then list all the rooms so that the system can also cover those students who are using bursaries.
TUT SoshanguveTalent searching company, the idea is to start a talent house in every big town ship and profile all the talent in that township, while at the same time they act as agents for all talented people. Once those talented individuals start making money the company will start teaching them about investments and managing their money.
UJ APKListen App

An app that allows users to chat instantly without the use of a keyboard, users will be able to chat using the voice messages they send to each other. they were able to articulate the convenience of the app and why students would find this cooler and more efficient than whatsapp. they also touched on an added feature of Listen which will enable music artists to advertise their music to their fans who are subscribed to them but this feature will be available to the premium. they also indicated the costs involved into building it.
Sefako Makgato Universityvegetable oil refining to make diesel which is eco Friendly, the oil will be obtained from restaurants and small businesses within the communities
UJ APKTrain Show Entertainment company. Manypeople are using public transport, we have
people raising funds in train station
TUT Garankuwa Buy houses in the township and turn them into business hub, sell kasi food (have a chisa nyama on weekends), have a beauty salon and car wash.
University of ZululandTracking their serial numbers of their assets
University of ZululandSoft Drink for the Blind/Disabled – Packaging is written in Braille, with . Marketed by recycling cans at events as input to the manufacturing these cans
NWU (Vanderbijlpark)The HapiBite Spoon has built in sound effects that sound realistic, you no longer need to mimic
University of Zululand

Professional code of conduct & professional presentation training business for every training institution, corporates; ongoing refresher training
University of ZululandSmartcard called the iCARD which has all the info about you – like a CV; there’s an app that has the info
Varsity College Sandton The idea is to put big LCD screens at the back of big trucks to assist the drivers of small vehicles to see the oncoming traffic, the truck will have a small camera in front to record everything taking place in front of the truck. The screen will also be used to display advertisements.
Varsity College DurbanRate a Company , Is a social media platform that rates companies based on effectiveness and customer satisfaction according to you (The consumer). Because here at RAC we feel that your hard earned money should never go to waste , even on companies that are profit driven, We show you what’s the best in the market and offer a fast resolution center ,to help you overcome your problems with other companies.
CPUT MowbEIM is a social inspirational, mentoring, educational and marketing magazine. At EIM – which is aim, we present real life situation to upcoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur insights seek to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs. We offer real solutions to the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, including tips, tools and insider news to help build – and grow – your business
University of LimpopoDonate blood with entertainment
This idea is the blood donation group together with the SANB donating blood could be a new way of making things fun and also saving lives with more blood available national

 Talk with the SANB to contact private, provincial, or local hospitals together with the government on how to make blood donating fun

 Talk to major event managers to organize a blood donating day in each province together with major music
CPUT Winserting a backpack inside a car that can be charged by the cars motion. that can later be used as energy source during power cuts in households.
The system that eliminates theft of cards, credit cards and store cards, the system will allow the cashier to make sure that the account is being used by the rightful owner. Every time one opens an account a photo will be taken and purchase using a card your account will show the picture of the owner.
WITSThe debate jojo, is a mobile application that teaches you about public speaking, pitching your ideas and debating on an App about current affairs

A company packaging matric dance clothes for students in financial need. These packages will be bought with Grade 12 June marks.
WITSChemical engineering students have created a formula for washing sneakers (All Star).
They have a shoe washing company
UPApp- informs you on different stores’ sales
1 app for all the stores (integration of all the stores)
Offers geological positions of the stores having sales
Stores can use it for statistics purposes
Stores pay monthly fees
Users pay a certain fee for certain features
UPPaper Bricks
UPAs a company focusing on the development of leaders and entrepreneurs within the Green Economy, we are investing in the future of individuals who see potential within the environmental space but cannot access opportunities to utilise this potential.
UPAloGas is a company that collects all sorts of organic waste like food, decomposing plants, manure or sewerage. We use a process called anaerobic digestion to convert this organic waste into biogas which can be used to generate electricity. The bio-digesters consists of one that is made out of black shipping containers and the other is made from bricks and concrete.
CPUT BvWater Wonder is a ceramic floor cleaning detergent that serves as a visual caution sign on the wet floor rather than having a ‘caution wet floor’ sign.
NWU VanderbijlparkHapibite spoon for babies
NWU PotchFiber fire, modify fiber from washing machines with candlesto make lamps as it burns longer
NWU PotchWaste Management Innovation; Coffee residue from restaurants and use as a fertilizer for mushrooms
Mobilizing the unemployed with organized groups to collect cigarette buds from the streets to manufacture strong fiber.
University of Free StateDisintermediation of perfume sales model
NMMUCandidate presented an adapter that can connect to a laptop to power up a light bulb or Study Lamp.
UWCCreate a cell phone device that will allow people to insert four different sim cards at the same time.
UWCTo make a walking stick for blind people, the smart walking devices will be integrated with google maps for navigation. It will also have headsets that will give warning of traffic lights and objects on the road.
NWU MafikengThe idea is to create a wheelbarrow with 3 wheels the two wheels at the back will be hydraulic wheels reducing the effort of lifting and balancing, this lifting can cause back injuries. The two wheels can be bought separately and they can be attached to the wheelbarrow with one wheel.
CUT Welkomsome university student come from far places and for those leaving on residences having to take everything during winter and December breaks, luggage becomes a problem. Opening up storage unit for them to rent and also collect their luggage from residences will be very handy. They pay a certain fee when they come back they get a small percentage refund.
UFH AliceStart a private student funding company, getting funds from big cooperation
UFH Alicethe ideas was about student laundry whereby students will bring their washing to be washed by other students using intellicard, so those students who are washing the laundry are making money by washing the clothes.
UFH Alicecompany of shoe maker/ repair
UFH AliceAn Idea of a software used for tutoring students at a University, students can make an appointment with a subject so that the tutors of the respective subjects may avail themselves to assist in tutoring.appointments with subjects tutors based on their availability
UFH ELA device in a car that will be able to detect animals on the road and alert you as you drive.
UFH ELAn idea of a device or go-fast programme that will eliminate the trafficking in a club, pup and Tavern by alerting the owner as it is his or her responsibility to be aware of the fights. This device will be connected to the nearest police stations reporting the number of people that are highly intoxicated on alcohol in that place and also the number of people that are fighting at that particular moment, this device will give the police a specific location, the name of the club, pub or tavern.
UFH ELAn app that will allow the connection of Wi-Fi calls for every University Student to make the call for free. Students from different University campuses can be able to call each other throughout the day without having to pay for Vodacom, MTN or Cell-C.