Deluxe Street Cafe – a StreetStars Initiative



“They are the faces of unemployment on the side of our streets…
“They are not begging for hand-outs or looking for sympathy…
“They just long to have what they need:
“The basic right to work… The opportunity to provide for their families…”



StreetStars was officially born on 1 August 2016 to address the plight of impoverished piece job workers and day labourers on the streets of South Africa. StreetStars is a job creation initiative that focuses on opening new trading markets where “piece job workers” are exclusively and permanently employed.

The company’s vision is to have a meaningful impact among the estimated 100 000 desperate day labourers who gather at around 1000 different municipal sights across the country daily in the hope of finding any casual employment. In metropolitan areas such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, up to a 100 workers are standing on one single corner.

South Africa’s official unemployment rate has just hit a 12-year high during the first quarter of 2016 with unemployment rising to 26.7%. Unofficially the unemployment rate in the country is estimated to be much higher, at around an unacceptable 50%.

StreetStars is the only organisation that exclusively focuses on the upliftment and permanent employment of piece job workers in the country. Ironically these men want to work, but have nowhere to turn to for permanent employment. StreetStars will measure its success through the number of piece job workers who are permanently employed through this initiative.





  1. StreetStars first focuses on the “employability” of each piece job worker. During this phase life skills and basic sales training will be offered in order to enhance job-readiness.
  2. StreetStars then focuses on the mentorship of employed piece job workers that are employed through our social initiative: the Deluxe Street Café.



In order to create employment opportunities the Deluxe Campus Café was established around the specific needs of our target group. This social enterprise creates full time job opportunities for piece job workers, by opening untapped markets to trade premium coffee in a mobile fashion.

Employees of StreetStars will be selling speciality coffee on university campuses across South Africa through specially manufactured coffee backpacks (backpack drink dispenser) that we are sourcing locally. Coffee can be served instantly by obtaining a cup from the built in cup dispenser and then serving the coffee by using the dispensing hose. Coffee can be served in seconds and payment can occur by using cash or SnapScan payment services. Previously unemployed piece job workers will be permanently employed as professional streetwise waiters with coffee backpacks, clothed in professional black and white uniforms





To enable this initiative, StreetStars has partnered with the Be Bold Entrepreneurial Society. Be Bold has established entrepreneurial societies on 40 university campuses across South Africa. This social initiative is used as a practical/ training experience for the entrepreneurial committees. Students obtain hands-on business experience, right there on campus, through the Deluxe Street Café. Apart from practical business experience, students get the opportunity to raise funds for their societies, that are used for the prototyping and piloting of entrepreneurial ideas of students within the society.

StreetStars have selected 3 university campuses in Cape Town to pilot the initiative from February to April 2017. As part of the pilot, four roaming coffee waiters will be operational per campus. During the pilot two students and one day laborer will be working per campus. A total of three day laborers and six students will thus be selling coffee on campus during the pilot period.

During the pilot, students can quickly and cheaply buy coffee on their route to class when walking from student residency, on their way from the parking lot to their class or on the way to a late night studying session in the library. Once the pilot is successfully conducted, StreetStars can expand this initiative to the other university campuses across South Africa.
Be Bold Societies across the country are hereby invited to put up their hands to participate in this job creation and society fundraising initiatives by contacting Surika Behrens on



Our partnership with Deluxe Coffeeworks enables us to offer quality Brazilian and Ethiopian hand selected coffee to students. Deluxe Coffeeworks is passionate about upliftment and wants to be apart of a process where piece job workers are lead back to the mainstream economy.


Surika Behrens (Director)
Contact number: 083 411 0927 /


StreetStars decided to listen to the plight of day labourers across the streets of our country. We created a solution pathway where we will be guiding this valuable target group back to the mainstream economy. We do not believe in hand-outs because it paralysis people and destroys dignity. We believe in creating job opportunities that will ignite change by enhancing dignity and self-respect. Through this initiative Be Bold Entrepreneurial Societies will be gaining practical entrepreneurial experience, as well as get the opportunity to raise funds to pilot and prototype their entrepreneurial ideas.

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