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Street Stars Coffee

Deluxe Street Cafe – a StreetStars Initiative

STREETSTARS SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: DELUXE STREET CAFÉ “They are the faces of unemployment on the side of our streets… “They are not begging for hand-outs or looking for sympathy… “They just long to have what they need: “The basic right to work… The opportunity to provide for their families…”   BACKGROUND: STREETSTARS StreetStars was officially born on 1 August 2016 to… Read more →

Tailor Klinik

Tailor Klinik Sneakers

Tailor Klinic is a company that cleans white and black footwear mostly for students in tertiary institutions. Solution Provide a service where students can pay to get their shoes washed. Have drop off and pick up points around campuses, and around shopping malls. Employ masters’ students and those who are doing less than two courses so they can raise some… Read more →